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About US Radar

U.S. Radar, Inc. manufactures accurate and economical speed radar for law enforcement and
sports applications.

In 1973 US Radar Inc.'s founder, Keith Millard, invented a speed radar that had twice the range and accuracy of ANY radar in use at that time. Over the next year, Mr. Millard designed one of the first moving traffic radar that had Low Speed (to 0.5 mph) High Range and accuracy to 1/10 mile. In 1984 U.S. Radar, Inc. was formed and continued to design radar products and Industrial Electronics. During 1995, after designing 14 radar models for various customers the Phantom range of speed radar was designed. The Phantom Patrol moving traffic radar and Phantom Hand held speed radar entered the U.S. market
in 1996.

Thank you for the opportunity to supply your departments with a quality and reliable products.

Carla Fincher

US Radar Inc.    4314 West Main Street    Decatur, Illinois, 62522    Toll Free: 1-800-972-3271
U.S. Radar, Inc. is a woman owned and operated company.